We are reversing the innovation framework. 

Right now, innovators and entrepreneurs decide what problem to solve based on their gut instincts, friend recommendations and TechCrunch articles. 
At the same time, corporations are sitting on multi-million and multi-billion dollar problems they need solved, but they are too scared to share that information publicly.
As a result, opportunities with the highest earning potential are dusting on corporate shelves. 

We are building a platform that will put an end to this.  

We work directly with corporations to help them outline and structure the most pressing problems they are ready to pay big $$$ for. 
With that information, we turn to our growing network of startups, select the ones that can potentially solve those problems, and connect the two.
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It’s free for startups, and you get these perks:

  • access to our insights from top international corporations (what’s in demand)
  • first-hand access to opportunity maps from different industries (what’s in demand and has the highest earning potential)
  • high-quality, produced & curated content on industry specifics and tested & proven business tactics 

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