There are many great teams in the world. But ours... Superheroes

Pavel Cherkashin
Managing Partner
Magomed Musaev
Partner, Founder of GVA
Roman Sobachevskiy
Managing Partner
Abdul Abdulkerimov
General Partner
Nikolai Oreshkin
Vice President
Daria Gonzalez
Chief Executive Everything
Trina Blas
Head of Operations
Will Habos
Head of Analytics
This Guy
Never Left

Our Advisors and Venture Partners

Mark Minevich
Venture Partner
Kamran Elahian
Founder, Global Catalyst Partners
Marc Yi
VP at Intel, Managing Director at Intel Capital
David Bartlett
CTO, Current, powered by GE
Varvara Russkova
Venture Partner
Grant Allen
Managing Director, ABB Technology Ventures
Steve G Stevanovich
Chairman & CEO, SGS Global Holdings
Dan Feld
Head of Developers Group, Google
Vlad Nesteroff
Venture Partner