Everything you wanted to know about us, plus more. We love tough questions — if there is anything we haven’t answered, email us at maria@hackt.com

What do I get from HACKT Mission membership?

Big picture: you get hands-on guidance from Silicon Valley experts on your product and business strategy in the market of your choice. How to become attractive for investors? Who are your customers and partners? How do you make an extensive list of leads? How do you reach out to them? How do you close deals? How do you attract the best talent? Etc.

Our experts will work with you 1-on-1 to help find answers to the questions above. With the annual membership, you get 12 mentor sessions and you have an option to space them out as you wish.

You also get access to a private online community that includes HACKT Mission graduates and our experts to ask day-to-day questions and advice.

In addition to that, you get a pass to a 10-day intensive program in San Francisco to strengthen your business development & sales. You have an option to chose one of the four programs a year.

While you’re in San Francisco at any point during your subscription year, you get access to private, invite-only events at our HACK Temple venue, 30hrs/month of our meeting space, and discounted accommodations in a co-living space starting May 2017.

Are you an accelerator?

Nope, we are not! That means you set the agenda. We are here to fuel your business development with resources, expertise and infrastructure.

Like you go to a lawyer for professional fundraising support, you go to HACKT for business development support. You can always do it yourself, and we share tools publicly, but as with fundraising, you save months of time, thousands of dollars, and avoid critical mistakes by going with professional help.

How much does it cost?

Annual subscription is $6,000, and includes all benefits from the homepage

What will I learn from you?

You’ll learn how to do business the “Valley way”. This includes a certain mindset, soft skills, business development methodologies, and a myriad of little, but significant details that give away an international newbie. You’ll also learn sell like a boss.

What expertise do I get?

Our team has dozens of years of experience in venture funding, business development and entrepreneurship, and it’s all available for you to use. We partner with top accelerators, corporations, angels, experts and VCs, so you can get their advice, support, and investments. 

How do we work together?

Once you join us, we’ll schedule an onboarding session and assign you a point of contact (POC) who’ll help you get the most out of HACKT Mission (including scheduling your sessions with mentors, etc). Your POC will also help you lay out goals, milestones, and a plan for the next months.

Use online HACKT Club community for you day-to-day questions and learn from the live case studies of others.

Once you decide when you want to make a trip to San Francisco, your POC will help you plan the trip.

Prepare for your meetings, move fast and ask the most difficult questions. Your mentors don’t just answer your questions, but challenge you and uncover your “I don’t know what I don’t know” zone.

Do I have to be in SF to be a HACKT Mission member?

Nope, you don’t have to be here — most Mission benefits are available remotely. Develop your business wherever you are with the best resources from Silicon Valley.

You’re probably going to make a short trip to the Valley at some point during the year, and we’ll be more than happy to help you get the most of that trip. Think of us as your entry gate to Silicon Valley, a gate most international founders do not have. 

Where do I stay when I come to SF?

We’ve got you covered, bud. As a HACKT Mission member, you get discounted modern co-living space COOLT, which is located right next door to HACK Temple (literally, the next door). 

What other questions you can help me with?

We help you with essential infrastructure, such as:

  • Postal address for your incorporation and mail
  • Free first sessions with accountants, corporate and immigration lawyers
  • Recommendations to vendors and professionals in the Bay Area
  • HACK Temple business space for meetings and event venue for meetups
  • Co-working space (coming in Spring 2017, located at 910 Broadway, San Francisco)
  • Invitation letters for a visa

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