Empowering ideas around the globe through early stage investing


The US-based investment arm of Global Venture Alliance

A global Ecosystem that empowers people all over the world through funding, education and community.


We are experienced investors with a track record of leading early stage companies to successful exits.

As a global team, we highly appreciate the thriving innovation of Silicon Valley. But often times there is a bigger need for this innovation outside of it. We focus on startups and technologies that can not only bring profits, but also be quickly transferred, with our help, to empower people all over the world in places where it is most needed.

Silicon Valley is a great starting point for innovation, but truly meaningful innovation happens with the exchange of experiences. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for great ideas, no matter where they come from.


We believe that education is the cornerstone of the future. Our non-profit foundations equipped over 2,000 schools across the globe to enable young talent with resources and give children an equal opportunity to thrive.

Through our publishing business we help authors and thinkers share their ideas. We also run a non-profit Institute of Global Ideas – a think tank where top global minds discuss challenges and problems of humanity and ways to solve them.


A Network is only as strong as the community that it forms. Our community of great investors, experts and forward-thinkers all over the globe equips innovators with the resources needed to succeed.

Helping startups to grow and teams to thrive is the mission of our acceleration programs GVA in Europe and HACKT program in the U.S. Located in great facilities and supported by outstanding mentors, these programs set the highest standards the startup can achieve.