We help successful global founders get a brain share of Silicon Valley to scale their business locally or launch in the U.S. market. 

HACKT Mission

Through our signature program HACKT Mission, we make Silicon Valley benefits available to international founders, even remotely. The program works as an annual membership and includes benefits described below.

Program Overview


12 Sessions With Mentors

Choose relevant mentors from our ever-growing networking of experts to work one-on-one with you on your business challenges. These experts might only need 5 minutes to solve a problem that would take you months. And if you’re good, you get to carry on these relationships beyond the program.

1-Year Access to Physical Infrastructure

You get a mailbox, 30 hours/month of remarkable meeting space (impress your partners & potential investors), and discounted accommodations at our co-living space in the heart of San Francisco

A Prestigious ZIP Code

Show your Silicon Valley presence to customers, partners and investors with the 94133 ZIP code, which says “San Francisco center” to anyone reading your official documents or business cards.

HACKT Academy

Choose one of the four quarterly “Hack Silicon Valley” programs — 10 days of intensive in-person training at HACK Temple on the foundations of startups. In addition to the 10-day program, attend private in-person and online workshops with some of the top experts in Silicon Valley.

Club Membership

Join a private Facebook community of founders and mentors, connect with HACKT network of professionals and experts, attend our private and public events, and pitch at our demo days.

A Dedicated Account Executive

You’ll get a dedicated person who’ll help you take the most out of the program and will offer online support.

Our Philosophy

Don’t chase investors. Gain competitive advantage by getting training from Silicon Valley mentors and learn how to sell your product and yourself at the top level. Investors will come

What You Get


You’ll get 12 sessions with mentors relevant to your specific challenges, including marketing & PR strategy, go-to-market, business development, and growth hacking.

HACKT Club Membership

You’ll get a year-long invite-only access to monthly mixers, fireside chats with VIP speakers, and a private online community to answer your day-to-day questions.


We set you up with a year-long access to a San Francisco postal address, 30hrs/month of meeting space at HACK Temple, and discounted accommodations in our co-living space (coming in May 2017).

Intensive 10-day Training

You can join one of the four quarterly business development & sales trainings in San Francisco, which include interactive workshops with top-level speakers and hands-on mentorship.

Matching with corporations interested in your product or team

Access to our extensive network of experts, entrepreneurs and investors

Special deals on professional services (recruiting, legal, sales, etc) + visa assistance through our partners

Invites to private events with entrepreneurs, investors, & thought leaders in the tech community

Business Templates

(legal, marketing, sales)

Venture Funds

contacts with recommendations

Fortune 500 Contacts

innovation & business development managers

Acceleration Programs

Detailed info + hacks on getting into the most prestigious ones

Your Transformation

Without HACKT

Years of banging on the doors & trying to understand Silicon Valley rules of the game, over $100,000 in expenses, hundreds of unanswered outreach emails


A fast track to sales, partners, warm introductions to your industry experts, and a network of U.S. business connections

What Members Say

Advisory Board

<b>Kamran Elahian</b>

Kamran Elahian

Global Innovation Catalyst

<b>David Yang</b>

David Yang

ABBYY, Findo

<b>Inessa Obenhuber</b>

Inessa Obenhuber

Angel Investor

<b>Alireza Mansour</b>

Alireza Mansour

Plug & Play

<b>Austin Russell</b>

Austin Russell

Luminar Technologies

<b>Julian Zegelman</b>

Julian Zegelman

FundersClub, Velton Zegelman

<b>Mike Kokorich</b>

Mike Kokorich

Astro Digital

<b>Maxim Nogotkov</b>

Maxim Nogotkov

Svyaznoy, MTC

Here’s The Deal

You deliver the best technology product anywhere in the world. We help to develop your business with connections, knowledge and infrastructure from Silicon Valley using our expertise and the best shortcuts possible.line-of-peopleHACKT Mission is an annual membership-based service. We are not an accelerator, so you don’t give up any shares.

We want to help more international founders use the benefits of Silicon Valley for their business, and that’s why we charge a fee instead of making an investment.

While you wait on investments or application process with accelerators, your competitors release new products. Get ahead by taking action now.

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